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"EZBleed" - The easy way to bleed the 308/Mondial engine!

If you know what this is, then you know why you need it. Birdman has done it again with one of those simple things that every 308 owner needs, even if he doesn't know it yet!

What the heck is it for?
When you change your coolant and need to bleed the air from the system, you will have to open the bleeder screw on the thermostat housing to get the air out. Unfortunately, the bleed screw that Ferrari supplied has no bleed hole in the middle, so you have to take the screw all the way out. Once coolant starts to squirt out, indicating that the air is out of the system, you can't get the bleeder screw back in because coolant is squirting all over the place and it's hot as hell! Then you drop the bleeder screw and coolant goes everywhere while you try to find it. This usually results in some swearing and an hour or so of work to get back to where you started, not to mention coolant all over the engine and your timing belts (ask me how I know!) That's where the EZBleed screw comes in!

First of all, I did not invent this. It's just a bleed screw designed the way Ferrari should have designed it from the start--the same design as the one up front in the radiator. It has a hole down the middle connecting to a hole on the side. You open it up about 2 turns and the air comes right out. You don't have to open it anywhere near far enough that you are in danger of having it come out. Once the coolant starts squirting, just screw it back in and tighten it down. Done!

How is it constructed?
The EZBleed screw is made of the same material the Ferrari bleed screw is made of (brass) and comes with a brand new copper crush washer, same as the Ferrari. The only thing it doesn't have is a crappy design that burns your hands and gets coolant all over the place while you swear and fumble.


The EZBleed screw is now being manufactured by Unobtainium Supply and is available through them. Please drop Verell a line at verell@unobtainiumsupply.com and tell him you heard about it here!

The EZBleed screw will end the nightmare of bleeding the engine of a 308 or Mondial. For a complete bleeding procedure, look at this.