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Many Ferrari 308s are missing these stickers for antifreeze specification and High Voltage warning because they would have to be removed in order to repaint the engine bay. If you are a stickler for originality, you NEED these babies! Fortunately for you, a friend of mine had a run of them made and they are an EXACT replica of the originals, right down to the silver foil used for the letters. The stickers are black with silver "foil" letters and have a self-adhesive back. Simply peel and stick. Make sure the surface is clean first.

Below are also pictures of proper placement of the stickers. The antifreeze sticker goes on the coolant tank and the high voltage warning sticker goes near the coils (varies depending on model).

All 308s and Mondials should have the coolant sticker.

All Mondials and injected 308s have the high voltage stickers. Some carb 308s have them and some do not. I'm not quite sure which do not. Working on that!

These stickers are also used on the Boxers,Testarossa, 348 and 355.

These are $20 per set of two (one of each sticker) and the shipping is free.

Hi Everyone, please be advised that I am traveling extensively on business over the next couple of months. I will be out of town June 7-18, so orders that come in when I am out will be shipped when I return. At this point I do not expect be shipping anything until the late June at the earliest. -Jonathan 6/2/17


These suckers are hard to photograph because they are so shiny, but trust me when I tell you they look fantastic.

This is a shot of a Euro dry-sump carb 308 engine showing the location of the high voltage (upper left) and antifreeze stickers (lower right).

More pics of other models coming soon.

Here are the stickers in a 308 QV.